Bedroom Lighting Ideas

If there’s one room in the home which lighting can transform effortlessly, it’s got to be the bedroom. From unique bedroom lighting options for those looking to make a statement in their boudoir, to practical bedroom lights that perform its function with a stylish finish – Ocean Lighting has all of the inspiration you need!

Today we’re taking a look at how to choose the best bedroom lighting from a selection of our favourite bedroom lighting ideas. 

What lighting is best for bedrooms?

Many people prefer to have multiple light sources in their bedroom in order to have more choice over their use and to highlight certain areas of the room. Bedside lamps are perfect for late-night reading or creating a more relaxing atmosphere, whilst the ceiling light provides the main light source for extra brightness. 

How to choose bedroom lighting

Spending time in your bedroom relaxing, reading or watching TV is much more comfortable with low lighting. If you opt for a dimmable bedroom light, then you can turn down the brightness for a softer light, but adding atmosphere to a bedroom is where smaller lights can perform best. Table lamps on bedside tables or wall-mounted lights either side of the bed are a failsafe way to change the feel of a room by using softer lighting that will ease you into a night of sleep.

Statement lighting for bedrooms

For fans of a statement light, why not choose a beautiful chandelier bedroom light or a glamorous art-deco inspired crystal pendant light? The reflection of light will give wonderful patterns on the walls, not to mention adding a touch of luxury to the room. 

Minimalist lighting

For smaller bedrooms, statement lighting may be unsuitable as you don’t want to overpower the space, so opt for a minimalist approach to your bedroom lighting design. Sleek wall lights installed either side of the bed can give the bedroom a hotel room look, and teamed with space-saving, modern downlights, you can create a minimalist bedroom of dreams.

Stylish bedroom lights

Tap into the latest lighting trends with finishes such as matt black, bronze and gold lighting for that popular industrial lighting look with decorative light bulbs. If you prefer something a little more cosy, consider a fabric pendant light or on-trend wicker or wooden ceiling light. 

No matter your preferred lighting style, explore the bedroom lighting possibilities today with Ocean Lighting! 

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