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What lights are best for the bedroom?

Your bedroom is a space for relaxing, so the lighting you choose must reflect the tranquil nature of your space. When you consider the time you spend in the bedroom, it’s probably the most important room when it comes to getting the lighting right. It’s the place where you need a light that will help you get off to sleep and the place where you get the motivation to wake up and face the day, so what lights are best for the bedroom?

Ambient, focused and accent lighting

Layering is key when it comes to bedroom lighting as it allows you to find the right balance between functional lighting and ambient lighting. By creating a layered lighting concept, you can adjust the light for the time of day it is. 

Start your lighting design with ambient lighting, this is the general lighting that will allow you to perform daily tasks in the bedroom. Ambient lighting usually includes ceiling lights that light the whole room and natural lighting sources such as skylights and windows. With this lighting as your base, you can then go on to feature lighting that offers more focused illumination.

Functional lighting comes next, this is the lighting that is required for tasks such as reading, writing or getting ready in the morning. During the winter months, the darker mornings make functional lighting a necessity so layering these lights on top of your ambient lighting is key. Look for table lamps or wall lights that can be angled to the area you need light.

For the finishing touches to your bedroom lighting concept, add accent lighting to your space in order to highlight artwork or pictures that you have on the wall. This accent lighting should be soft and subtle, ideally placed in recessed areas of the room to create a cosy atmosphere that will have you counting down the hours until bedtime. 

Which bulbs are the best in the bedroom?

Once you know what lights you want to put in the bathroom, the next stage is the light bulbs. The type of bulb you use for each light fixture is key to ensuring you have the atmosphere you need in your space. The suggested lumens for the bedroom is between 2,000 and 4,000, however,  this is dependent on how bright you want your bedroom to be. We recommend dimmable bulbs for the bedroom as this gives you an additional layer of control over the space. 

Consider the colour of your bulbs too! Bright white or blue tones are good for waking up in the morning, however, as they suppress the production of melatonin you may find yourself struggling to feel tired enough to go to sleep. Go for whiter bulbs in your general lighting as this will primarily be used on a morning and for daily tasks. For your focused lighting and accent lighting, look for yellow tones that won’t suppress melatonin and will help you relax. 

Take a look at our full bedroom lighting range to get inspired for your next lighting concept. From statement ceiling lights to wall lights, lamps and more, we can help you turn your bedroom into the perfect place to relax. 

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