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What lights work best in a dining room?

The dining room is one of the most versatile rooms in the home. Primarily used for eating, it’s also the space where we gather with friends and family to socialise. DIning room lighting needs to be flexible enough to cope with any situation, whether it’s a fun games night, a romantic date night or a full-blown dinner party. In this blog, we’re going to look at creating the ultimate dining room lighting concept for all occasions. 

How to add statement lighting to the dining room

In any dining room, the eye should immediately be drawn to your table, and the best way to do this is by illuminating it with a stunning feature light. Hanging lights such as pendant lighting and chandeliers are ideal for this, Consider the shape of your table when choosing your light, a round dining table is beautifully complemented by a round chandelier or pendant light while a rectangle table works wonderfully with suspending cage lights or other liner lighting designs. 

The Dar Lighting Irwin pendant light is a classic choice for a dining room. The antique brass finish is ideal for both modern and traditional decor and looks beautiful above a round dining table. 

If you prefer a more modern style, Dar has you covered again. This Dar Lighting Academy 4 Light Lantern combines the drama of a chandelier with contemporary linear lines.

What size lighting should I use in the dining room?

To avoid the room being swallowed up by your feature lighting, consider the size of your space before you purchase. A smaller space will be swarfed by a large chandelier, so choose something that is size appropriate that still packs a punch. Alternatively, why not consider statement ceiling lighting that is flush or semi-flush to the ceiling? This is great for rooms where the ceilings are low, offering the drama of a statement light, without compromising on height. 

The Searchlight Gianna LED semi-flush ceiling light is perfect for the dining room, combining contemporary black with a warm gold inner. Add this LED flush to any room of the home to create a simple but stylish setting.

What other lighting should I consider?

It’s easy to consider your lighting task over when you install a feature ceiling light. A statement chandelier or pendant light does look fantastic over the top of a dining table, but why limit your lighting to just one source? While the dining area is the most important zone that needs to be illuminated, you should also consider areas in the room that could be highlighted with recessed lights, wall lights or even lamps. This way, you can create texture within the room, bringing focus to any artwork you have on the walls and even creating new areas for seating and socialising. 

The Astro Kinzo wall light is a great addition to the dining room. The subtle design fits perfectly in corners to offer much-needed illumination, plus the dimmer action means you can adjust the lighting output to suit your occasion. 

What bulbs should I use in the dining room?

Consider the ambience you want to create in your space when choosing the bulbs for your dining room. The best place to start here is by surveying your current dining room decor. If you have gone for darker, dramatic walls you will need more light (therefore more watts) to properly illuminate the space. Earthy tones match well with bulbs in the 400l – 2700k region while cooler shades will need at least 3000k. 

At Ocean Lighting, we offer a wide range of dining room lighting options that will suit all home styles. From contemporary industrial to traditional glamour, you can create the ultimate space for dining, socialising and spending time with your loved ones. Shop the full collection online today. 

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