Bathroom Lighting Ideas

The bathroom.  A place of tranquillity, a place to unwind and of course a place of utter chaos on those busy mornings!  But just because the bathroom is practical, it doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty too, this is where bathroom lighting comes in.  Whether you are redecorating the whole room, you want to create a spa-like retreat, or you are finally getting round to updating your current lighting, we are here to help you achieve your dream look.  

Let There Be Light!

One of the first things to consider when it comes to bathroom lighting is how much natural light is currently available?  The second is to assess where the additional light is needed most? By understanding what you need, you will have a much greater chance of narrowing down your options.  Bathrooms tend to be smaller rooms with smaller windows, therefore, choosing the right bathroom lighting can make all the difference.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Things Up

There’s nothing worse than a glaring bathroom light at certain times of the day.  Whether it’s the first thing on a morning or last thing at night, you don’t want to be squinting your way around the bathroom waiting for your eyes adjust or being dazzled by bright lights if you are trying to relax and unwind.  A dimmer switch gives you the best of both worlds by easily controlling the brightness, alternatively, if space and design allow it, a clever way to avoid the dreaded glare is to have a mixture of both bright and low lighting.  

Ceiling lights, wall lights and downlights are all excellent choices as the main light source, but for a softer look, why not create a second set of lights to create feature lighting around the edge of the room, in an alcove, over the sink area, around the bath or built into the skirting boards, the options are endless.  

Or if you are savvy with your storage and like everything to have a place, then how about an illuminated mirror cabinet?  Perfect for daily grooming with a handy cupboard behind it to store all your essentials neatly away.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond . . . Or Not

Once you have chosen your light fittings, it’s time to talk about light bulbs.  With so many options available, it’s easier than ever to create the perfect mix of soft and bright lighting as mentioned earlier.

LED Lights are fast becoming king of the bulbs, they last far longer than incandescent or halogen bulbs, they are energy efficient, plus they are eco-friendly too, what’s not to love? Available in a range of shapes, sizes, wattage and colour, you are sure to find the perfect match for an ambient mix of lighting.  

Another popular choice is the vintage bulbs that create a beautiful amber glow, ideal for an on-trend industrial look, just don’t forget to choose the right fitting for your light whatever design you choose, the most common types are bayonet or screw.

Create a Feature Wall

You’ve heard of a feature wall for your living room or bedroom, but why stop there, what about your bathroom too?  A feature wall gives you the perfect opportunity to explore different colours, styles, textures and of course lighting, which can update your room in an instant.  A lick of paint, a tiled wall or a super sleek splashback combined with the right amount of spotlights or uplights give you the wow factor your home deserves. A feature wall draws the eye to a focal point so don’t hold back, take the plunge and design the bathroom of your dreams!

We hope this post has given you plenty of inspiration, head over to our full range of bathroom lighting where you’ll find everything you need to bring your bathroom to life, just remember the 3 P’s when choosing your lighting:

Position – Think about where your lights are placed, taking into consideration potential shadows, natural light and current light fittings.

Purpose – What do you need the lighting for?  The ambience, or practicality such as make-up application, shaving etc.

Priority – What is more important in that part of the bathroom?  While you might crave a relaxing space with low lighting, that won’t be beneficial to you on a daily basis if you are still struggling to find the perfect light to get ready in, so you need to decide what you need the most.

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