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Kitchen Lighting Ideas: How to choose the best lighting for your kitchen

Getting the right lighting concept in the kitchen can be tricky! Not only do you need to consider lighting areas for safe cooking and food prep, but you also want to ensure your lighting creates the atmospheric impact you want from your space. At Ocean Lighting, we’ve advised many of our customers on how to create the ideal kitchen lighting design. From functional task lighting to beautiful accent lighting, let’s get stuck into one of the most versatile rooms in the home!

When should I decide on my kitchen lighting?

Ideally, your kitchen lighting plans should be sorted at the planning stage for your kitchen. This allows you to consider all of the possibilities for lighting key zones. If you are updating an existing kitchen, you can still take advantage of innovative lighting such as under-cabinet lights to make the most of the space you have while replacing old fittings. 

What kitchen zones should I consider?

Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home and often serves multiple purposes. In order to cook food correctly and safely, you need clear, bright, shadow-free lighting in areas where you will be prepping your meals. This includes around the kitchen sink, worktops and above the hob. If you have a dining area in the kitchen, the light needs to serve a different purpose. Dimmable lighting is ideal here as it allows you to set the mood, whether it’s a hectic breakfast with the kids or soft lighting for a relaxing evening meal.

How to control your kitchen lighting

With different areas to consider in the kitchen, it’s useful to have a flexible system to control your lighting. Separate switches to control different zones will allow you to create different mood lighting in each zone in the kitchen. Kitchen spotlights and wall lights are ideal for a subtle glow as you enjoy your meals. For stronger light, a kitchen ceiling light will provide illumination to the whole space.

How to use low emission lighting in the kitchen

More and more modern kitchens are switching to LED lighting. Now only are they energy efficient, they require little maintenance so you won’t have to keep replacing awkward spotlights or floor lights. LED lights are also smaller and switch to full brightness quicker than their fluorescent counterparts, ideal for such a busy space in the home!

Whether you’re looking for modern or traditional kitchen lighting, we have a wide range of beautiful designs to choose from. Update your space in style with Ocean Lighting and take a look at the full kitchen lighting collection today. 

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