Trend Spotlight: Scandinavian Lighting

If there’s one thing the Scandinavians do well it’s decor, with lighting being no exception.  Combining simplistic design with a minimalist approach, Scandinavian style is the epitome of sophistication.  

So, What Is Scandinavian Lighting?

Throughout the 1950s, a design movement was gathering pace.  Tradition was out, clean lines and modernism were in, with the Scandinavians leading the way on this trend.  Functionality took precedence over decadence. Sleek furniture became the norm and a decluttered appearance was a must!  

This way of living was not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely beneficial when it came to the dark winter months.  With only a few hours of daylight each day, choosing the correct lighting became essential to Scandinavian living. Scandinavian homes needed to be cosy yet bright which is why there is a big emphasis on light.  Large windows are a key factor, but clever lighting does the rest.

Introducing Scandinavian Lighting To Your Home

If the flawless appearance of Scandinavian lighting has lured you in, then you’re not alone, we love it just as much as you.  So, take a look at our top tips on how to achieve your dream look. 

  • Light areas of the room, not the whole room  

If walking into a room and being dazzled by the main light is all too familiar then you’ll love this idea, by making the lighting work for you.  Whether it’s a cosy reading corner, a dining area or socialising space, make use of table lamps, floor lamps and wall lights to create the ambience you desire.  

  • Stick to the theme 

Light colours and simplistic designs work in harmony when choosing Scandinavian lighting.  White and wood are classic combinations, but black is great for a modern twist, just remember to stick with the minimalist styling. 

  • Make lighting an accessory, not just a necessity 

Creating an inviting space with lighting is something the Scandinavians have perfected with their clever use of designs, after all, who says practical has to be boring?!  With so many options available, you can afford to have fun with your lighting so why not transform smaller spaces with low pendant lighting, use a floor lamp as a focal point or choose a natural light shade to achieve your Scandinavian dream.

  • Dimmer switches for instant ambience 

Control the level of lighting by introducing a dimmer switch, great for creating a cosy atmosphere.

  • Understated elegance  

Whether it’s natural timber or white high gloss, it’s all about making it look effortless, so combine your lighting with white walls, wooden flooring and natural textures and you’ve got yourself a Scandinavian retreat!

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