Hall Lighting Ideas

The hallway is the first room guests see when visiting your home, so paying attention to detail in this area will pay off when it comes to making a great first impression. By using lights, there are ways to highlight smaller hallways, draw attention to beautiful high ceilings and even create a welcoming environment for yourself and your family, or visitors. If you’re looking for the best hall lighting ideas, read ahead as Ocean Lighting guides you through ways to use light to make the most of your hallway. 

Make An Impression With Your Hall Lighting

Using your hall light as a focal point can do wonders to transform the look of your hallway. This is especially true if you have high ceilings and wish to go for traditional chandelier light fittings in older properties to stay in keeping with the house style. For more modern homes, a unique hall lighting idea can be to opt for a designer lighting option in an unusual design that will really impress anyone who comes to your home, while also adding a creative element to the room itself. Pendant lights for the hallway with multiple light bulb options can also be a good way to maximise light in a dark hallway. 

Modern Lighting For The Hallway

Downlights are a popular lighting choice in many homes due to their sleek appearance and modern finish. Install multiple downlights as your main hall lighting solution for a bright hallway that will complement contemporary homes perfectly. This choice will appeal to those who have downlights in other rooms of the house as it will create a consistent lighting design. If possible, why not consider installing recessed lights along the stairs for an extra grand finish? This will elevate the appearance of your hallway and staircase whilst also providing a safety element by providing you with the option for lighting up the stairs during the night. 

Additional Hall Lighting Ideas

Create a welcoming atmosphere by opting for a separate table lamp for a console table in your hall, and leave this light switched on during the evening. The ambient hall lighting provided by a smaller table lamp will make your home look cosy and provide extra subtle light. 

If you’re searching for statement-making or traditional hall lighting ideas, look no further than the fantastic hall lights we have on offer at Ocean Lighting in a variety of styles to suit all homes.

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