How To Light Your Home For Christmas

The festive season is upon us and the best way to embrace the winter wonderland look is to look at how to light your home for Christmas. Traditionally, it has always been outside of the house that is treated to a yuletide makeover – but how about looking at ways to light inside your home for Christmas? 

Today at Ocean Lighting, we’re exploring the best Christmas lighting ideas for lounges, hallways and dining rooms to get your home ready for Santa’s arrival. 

Make a festive first impression

Whether you’ve got a Christmas party or meal planned with guests or simply wanting to make the first step into your home much more inviting, hallway lighting can be key to giving your home a festive feel. Bring your Christmas decorations into the hallway with garlands intertwining the stair bannister with warm white fairy lights. Dress up a console table with Christmas accessories and a table lamp for a welcoming look without the need for the brighter, main hallway light. 

Create a cosy home

In winter, your home becomes a haven of comfort and warmth, so create a cosy atmosphere with ambient lighting. If you don’t have various lighting options in the lounge already, the darker evenings call for the addition of floor lamps and dimmable wall lights to create a relaxing feel to your living room. A beautifully lit Christmas tree will certainly promise that ‘hygge’ feeling of cosiness, but why not compliment those glowing tree lights with a separate dimmable light?

Accessorise with candles

There’s nothing better than lighting a few candles, switching on the Christmas tree lights and settling down with a hot chocolate to watch your favourite family festive film. Candle holders are the perfect decorative accessories and can help to add accent touches to a lounge, whether you opt for colourful candle holders or traditional metallic candlesticks. 

Add some glitz

‘Tis the season to bring some opulence to your home, so why not explore gold finish lights? Gold lighting and brass lighting can offer a warm appearance compared to chrome lighting, enhancing the look of a lounge or dining room instantly. Change up your dining room light fittings with gold lampshades to help to transform the appearance of the space you’ll be entertaining guests at Christmas time. 

If you’re looking for ways to light your home for Christmas and beyond, look no further than the stylish home lighting collections available at Ocean Lighting.

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