Choosing Lights For Tropical & Botanical Interiors

Choosing Lights For Tropical & Botanical Interiors

Tropical decor is still one of the most popular choices for contemporary homes. From palm trees to botanicals and tropical birds, it’s easy to inject some island living into your space. If you are tempted to go for tropical or botanical decor in your room, chances are you want your lighting to match your concept. In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the best lights to bring out the best of your tropical theme!

How to get the tropical and botanical look

Adding tropical decor to your home can take it from plain to paradise in no time at all. Some of the key pieces to look out for include natural furniture such as bamboo chairs, carts and decorative baskets as well as upholstered furniture in botanical prints. Bright, bold artwork is another key element, look for flashes of colours such as yellow, teal and Fuchsia along with classic tropical motifs such as beaches, birds and rainforests. As well as plants and flora being a big part of your decorative items, you should also look for real plants to help purify the air and give your space a clean, stylish feel.

Key aspects of tropical-inspired interior design

Adding decorative aspects to your room can help give a hint of tropical or botanical themes, but if you’re wanting to go the whole way, it’s time to look at really transforming your room! As tropical prints are having a real ‘moment’ it’s easy to find wallpaper to help bring your botanical haven to life. A topical feature wall looks great in any home and will allow you to go for a truly showstopping print without making the room see small or cramped. Opt for jungle prints with larger than life animal characters, bright tropical leaves and flowers, animal print or classic tropical birds. If paint is more your thing, you can easily create the look by going for a painted feature wall in emerald green, teal blue or mustard yellow teamed with framed tropical artwork, wall murals or even your favourite holiday snaps!

Best lights for Tropical inspired interiors

Now, it’s time to start thinking about the best way to light up your new tropical space! Whether you’ve gone for a single topical themed room or your whole house is now a botanical paradise, the rules for complementary lighting remain the same. 

In terms of colour, it’s best to stick to either metallic shades or natural wood hues. Metallic colours such as brushed brass, brushed gold or brushed chrome will work perfectly with the colours in the tropical palette, especially if you opt for a striking pendant light. One of our favourite lights for a tropical room is the Franklite Idaho Antique Gold Pendant. Not only does this gold pendant light contrast beautifully with botanical shades, but the exposed lightbulbs will also draw the eye upwards without being too ‘OTT’.

Our natural wood pendant lights will work perfectly in all rooms but we especially like seeing them used as stairway pendant lights partnered with tropical decor. The wood will add to the island paradise theme, letting you think you’re actually on a beach break rather than just heading upstairs to do laundry! This Firstlight Cadiz Natural Wood Ceiling Pendant is a great match for tropical decor. Use a matching pendant in your hallway to create a cohesive theme.

If you’re going for a botanical themed dining room, you’re going to want statement lighting that looks great situated above your dining table. Round dining room pendant lights are still one of the most popular choices for those looking for maximum lighting and maximum impact. The EGLO 3-Light Varillas Ceiling Light in black and gold is large enough to make a real statement, while the gold inner gives a subtle nod to the tropical colour palette.

The tropical trend shows no signs of slowing down and at Ocean Lighting, our range of ceiling lights for bedrooms, stairways, dining rooms and more has everything you need to create your own paradise. Shop the full collection today or take a look at our Instagram page for more lighting inspiration!

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