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Listening to your own music or even the radio is sometimes not as convenient as you would have hoped, which is why Ocean Lighting now stock a selection of innovative kitchen and bathroom radios and speakers for you to browse though and choose from online. What the products within our range offer you is a smart but simple way of conveniently listening to the radio hassle free.

When most people think of radios, they either think of huge clunky boxes or lots of spaghetti wiring all over the place – something which is not an issue with our collection of kitchen and bathroom radios and speakers. They feature two main facets, a premium facia which is the control centre and in truth the actual radio and then a selection of speakers, which can be built into walls or stored in a convenient place. This option is both aesthetically pleasing and also much safer as it eradicates all of the wires which could pose as a potential tripping hazard. You will then be able to comfortably listen to the radio without having to keep a big, ugly box in the room which may not look very good and you may find distracting.

In addition to this, the task of changing the stations has now been simplified even further by giving you the ability to control your system using a remote control. The majority of our kitchen and bathroom radios and speakers come with a remote control as it has been recognised as much safer, in addition to it being more convenient. For instance using a remote control in the bathroom would mean that you would have to have a radio next to you which is an extremely dangerous health and safety risk.

Do not worry, all of this convenience does not come at a price, as the clarity of sound is actually even better than before and you also have the opportunity to choose from a range of different designs and colours so that you can find something that will accompany your already existing colour scheme and furnishing perfectly.

If you like what we offer within our excellent collection of kitchen and bathroom radios and speakers, you may also be interested in what we have to offer within our selection of KB Sound kitchen and bathroom radios. Together with this, we also have a one of a kind collection of KB Sound speakers for you to browse through and buy online.