Ocean LSP-010LC-100 Red Black Sheath Speaker Cable 2 x 0.35mm (100m)

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  • RRP: £29.99


  • Red/Black Sheath
  • 100 metre coil
  • 2 x 0.35mm Thickness wires
  • Conductor type - oxygen free copper
  • Polarisation - one core has a red stripe


The item code for this product is LSP-010LC. This high quality speaker cable is suitable for all HiFi applications including home cinema wiring and wiring in car audio applications. Also suitable for connecting bi wired speakers, just use two lengths. This speaker cable is red/black in line with modern styles of speaker cable and it is extremely tough and durable. The cable is polarised by the blue stripe on one of the cores. The polarised core would normally be used for the positive speaker connection but it can be used for the negative connection as long as you are consistent with this in the connections to all the speakers in your system.. The cross sectional conductor area of this cable is 0.35mm squared per core. It is extremely high quality cable and is tough as old boots. Use of this type of cable in your HiFi system will improve sound clarity due to the large amount of copper used in the cores. More copper means less resistance and therefore less of a loss in the cable. More of the sound energy reaches your loudspeakers leading to an enhanced clarity of sound. This cable is sold by the metre or 100m coils